Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Post MGI Work

It's been a sweaty few days... However, I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing Sunday. That definitely aided in some of the brain drain I've been feeling. Unfortunately, my teammates and I were not as productive as we'd hoped on the last Friday at MGI. However, Bill and I have cranked out our ARP over the past few days. 

We developed our question and created a framework for our Rationale on Friday at MGI. We took this Monday to hammer our the Rationale in detail, barring a few questions based in feedback from our professors. We also looked at our year in a month by month view to get through out Implementation Plan. Our hope with our plan was to bullet activities that, though gave insight to our year with the portfolio process, did not pigeon hole us into a day to day structure. We ended our time today with Data Triangulation Matrix and our Collection and Analysis plan. 

I'm feeling pretty confident in our work so far. I hope that we can frame some general feedback questions for the coming year, and perhaps we can apply some feedback. Until then, I need to soak up some sun!

Check out our hard work so far on my site!

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