Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Post-July 4th Work

Bill and I took a much needed few days off to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. We wrapped up our work so far, and await feedback from our professors. With the deadline of July 15th closer than I would like to imagine, we put in some hard work to meet the requirements. Our hope, at this point, is to make changes based on feedback. Then, we will put our work to rest (for the summer). 

In August, we have the exciting and nerve-wracking task of introducing our summer work to the rest of our colleagues at PAML; this includes the work with our 6th grade team. Though Bill and I are officially the ones carrying out the action research, we are depending on support and hard work from our teammates as well. We feel at this point, aside from what we've accomplished, we'd like our colleagues feedback and points of view on the work. 

Portfolios are a bit daunting, but we feel prepared! Our preliminary action research steps are taken care of. Our hope now is, after some tweaking, to take a break from our school lives and focus a bit more on the personal.

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