Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More thoughts...

In beginning to think about my action-research, I'm considering quite a few different avenues. 

1. Create my own portfolio 

By creating my own portfolio, not a Susie Que for student modeling, but my own portfolio for teaching and learning, I will not only have great insight for students in this process, but I will provide them with a real part of life--my life. I will demonstrate that these portfolios are more than just a requirement of 6th grade, as they see it, and a launching point into the "real world", college, and a career. 

2. Student and Teacher Feedback Applied 

The other route that we discussed as a team was around gathering student and teacher feedback so we can apply it to our portfolio process in the future. After our one year process, we will ask students and faculty 

  • What worked? 
  • What didn't work? 
  • Where was there success? 
  • Where were there challenges?
  • How can we make this process better next year? 
  • And so on...
By gathering and applying feedback, we are engaging in the process of action research while also satifying the needs for our school in the years to come. 

3. Use of portfolios in International Communication 

My teaching partner, Bill Fishell, and I could use student portfolios heavily in our classroom as we engage in our international communication plans for next year. Last year, we engaged in a pen pal program with students in Namibia, as well as a Google Hangout with students in Senegal. These programs were so widely accepted by students, we couldn't leave them. Instead, we have plans to work with other programs and other schools to make this global learning even larger. 

The portfolio piece does not have to be this separate endeavor. Instead, our students could use their portfolios to introduce themselves and their learning to their partners around the world. They could each become "models" and leaders in demonstrating our portfolio work to other students. When PAML students become the experts, amazing things can and will happen!

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