Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 5

Happy Friday!

We started our morning meeting today with students "digitally visiting" our morning meeting. The morning meetings over the past few days have inspired my teammate and I to incorporate these gatherings into our schedule for the fall (pending agreement from our other teammates). Each day, the MGI faculty took turns running our morning meeting. These meetings took shape in different ways and offered different ways to greet students.

Bill and I talked about using our flex time on Fridays to have a Friday check in. Our 6th graders often struggle after their time off team at lunch and expos (art, PE, World Cultures). In a way to combat the after-lunch crazies, we would like to begin Friday meetings from 
1-2pm. We talked about the many possibilities this meeting time could have. In the beginning of the year, when we're just starting with our students, we could use the time to build community and foster the team belonging. Our values being around our PBiS standards (safe, responsible, respectful, readiness) as well as the norms we develop with our students. I took away a Nancy Doda quote yesterday that you can't create effective norms until you've created a community with students. I think using these meetings to create and continue community will be a wonderful addition to our team structure. We can also grow these meetings into portfolio support and work time.

And now... It's time for the action research to commence!

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