Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 4

Location, location, location
In order to increase productivity, it's been to change up the setting. My teaching partner, Bill Fishell, and I have a co-teaching, humanities model. We have the good fortune of having two classrooms, and each classroom is set up in a different way. My classroom is conducive to small group work or whole class instruction. Bill's room is conducive to fishbowl practice, discussions, and guests. With these two layouts, we afford our students to practice of using different spaces for different types of learning.
After our time in an L/L classroom, we were offered a seminar space. This space is much more conducive to the collaborative work we're now doing. It's amazing how much a new space can improve the thought process, enhance collaboration, and breathe new life into the work we've been doing.

Today, we looked at Hapara and started the beginnings of an infrastructure conversation. Hapara is an amazing system that will transform our work distribution and assessment. However, there are still some questions that need to be answered to ensure we satisfy the teaching perspective as well as the tech side. There are some pending conversations to happen this summer around these decisions to be made.

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