Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 2

Today, I'm feeling much better about our progress. Shaun Noonan did so much work on a sample portfolio last night. This model helped me to conceptualize the PLP in real life and in my classroom. This was our jumping off point for discussion this morning. We invited James Nagle in to sit with out team this morning. He helped to ask questions that pushed our thinking and decision making. We were able to video tape his time with us and capture the good conversations we were having. There are lots of questions that still need answers including: 

  • How do we archive our students' work from year to year?
  • How do we want our site template set up? 
  • Where should we house student resources? 
  • What will Hapara look like in our classroom? 
  • What should our naming conventions look like? 
After working with James, I was able to attend a session with Don Taylor from Main Street Middle School in Montpelier. This session showcased some student work (students were present) and gave us the opportunity to ask questions of Don and of the students. This session was incredibly informative for implementation in our school in the fall. See my notes from this session here.

One other piece from today that has helped me is thinking about this enormous under-taking in year-long chunks. We only need to look at next year: we need protocol for next year. After next year, we can reflect on our work and make changes. Nothing is perfect the first time around. Everything needs time for reflective thought and polishing. The PLP is the same way.

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