Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 1

MGI Learning

Today, I'm feeling a mix of two very different emotions: excitement and frustration. I'm very excited to be with colleagues today, planning for our students' PLPs. However, we've run into some points of frustration. Anytime you work within a large group of people, it's difficult to come to consensus and even set an agenda. Part of the challenge is that PLPs are a VERY LARGE undertaking. Our academic goals seem, at times, unattainable, especially if we cannot figure out where to start. Our school MRGs must be worked on to develop understanding on the part of the teachers and examples for our students. We must also decide on a template or a "shell" for our students' portfolios. I must remind myself, it's only Monday, and I have a blog! These two things are very exciting on day one.

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